Usability & Accessibility

We are always working to increase the accessibility, inclusivity and usability of our products.

We can proudly say that our clients have the most accessible job boards on the market.

Ongoing Commitment

Accessibility is not just an achievement, but an ongoing commitment and process. We have a team of accessibility champions who are actively reviewing our products, ensuring accessibility-led design and building our knowledge of accessibility. We have a commitment to going beyond the standard guidelines and achieving gold standard accessibility for all our products.

Any device

Our accessibility expertise and responsive platform ensures our products are perfectly accessible and a great experience on any device. This includes screen readers and other assistive technologies, as well as phones, tablets and desktops.

Our Process

These are the steps we take to achieve our high level of accessibility:

  • Think and design inclusively
  • Carry out accessibility audits and reviews
  • Use coding techniques, such as progressive enhancement and ARIA
  • Carry out disability usability testing
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