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July 22, 2013 Why content integration is important for job boards Stephanie Mills, Communications Manager

Why content integration is important for job boards

The digital age has seen an increasing amount of publishers seizing the opportunity to run job boards as a way to increase engagement and extend services to their online audience. In the quest to introduce new revenue opportunities and with the paywall debate continuing to divide opinion, editorial sites are turning to digital recruitment services in order to create alternative revenue streams. This had led to an increasing demand for deeper integration between editorial sites and job boards, but why is it so important?

The advancements in Madgex’s content integration technology allow us to analyse the behavior of users to build a detailed profile or their specific areas of interest. This profile then enables us to accurately serve an experience that is relevant to that individual. For example a user that has searched for “healthcare jobs” may be suggested the latest articles about the NHS. Whereas a user who has searched the latest “iPhone operating system” news on an editorial site may be served ads for software developer jobs in their area.

Turning profiles into profit

The ability to create anonymous profiles of a user’s behaviour, allows the opportunity to build a detailed picture of who uses the site and who would benefit from what content. This allows the editorial site and job board to serve a purpose for the other, increasing traffic, conversions and interaction across all media.


Content integration technologies are allowing more and more publishers to serve targeted, relevant information about their job board to their editorial site. The ability to serve relevant job advertisements to specific editorial pages opens up the opportunity to attract passive jobseekers. This is a major goal for many of our clients as we know from our benchmarking that editorial sites produce very high quality candidates. This is not the case for all job boards, but as a general rule we see this trend across many of our publishing clients.

Utilising the information gained about each user allows us to build a picture about that person, providing the job board more opportunities to target the user with vacancies that are relevant to their experience and interests. Not only is a user served a more personalised experience, but recruiters receive increased applicant rates of a higher quality.

For the job board this is not the only advantage. Targeted job ads have on average a 28% uplift in traffic, increasing not only interaction but also conversion rates across the job board, all from simply supplying the right information to the right people. Publishers with editorial sites can therefore not only offer recruiter’s increased coverage, but they can offer the opportunity to target the most relevant potential candidates from across their content sites. This then opens up numerous opportunities for upsells, providing the chance to further increase revenue.

What are Madgex doing?

Madgex are developing technology that allows us to build a full picture of use across both sites, allowing us the opportunity to target the right ads at the right people. We are constantly developing our intelligent widgets, data gathering technology and tracking technologies to link the experience across editorial sites and their job a board ensuring the most relevant information is served to each of their users.

“It’s all about understanding what the user is interested in, both in terms of their actions and the content they are accessing across the site. By using this information and combining it with some innovative technology, we can ensure that the user is shown jobs that are extremely relevant to their behaviour.” – Paul Lawes, Product Manager, Madgex.