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February 07, 2018 What Should Your Job Board Reporting Suite Help You Achieve? Tim Burton, Customer Success Manager

What Should Your Job Board Reporting Suite Help You Achieve?

If you run a job board, or indeed any online recruitment business, you should already understand the importance of getting to know the data that sits behind it.

Having access to the numbers that drive your KPIs helps you understand whether or not you’re growing an audience, engaging candidates and advertisers, and ultimately providing value to your audience.

The numbers and reporting should also allow you to spot trends, activity, and business opportunities. Here’s a few tactics you can start employing from today…

Managing Clients

When it comes to managing your client relationships, knowing your numbers makes all the difference. A job board is essentially the same as any other advertising platform, and just like any other advertising campaign being able to measure success is key – if not, how else do you expect your clients to calculate the ROI you’re giving them?

You should be able to monitor the performance of individual employers, and benchmark their performance against other clients on the site. Then, if an employer is experiencing a lower than average success rate, you can offer tips, advice and additional services to improve their results.

Those metrics can also be used to demonstrate the value of additional sales products. For example, how many more views and applications can a job advert receive depending on additional upsell options?

Being able to prove what you can offer your advertisers and report on performance will ultimately strengthen your relationships and increase the stickiness of your client base.

Audience Engagement

Measuring your job board performance doesn’t just allow you to maintain healthy client relationships. The data behind your job board is your best chance of understanding your audience and making sure you continue to meet their needs.

The more you know about each jobseeker that comes to your site, the more you’ll be able to understand their needs. When you know this, engaging them becomes much easier and an engaged audience is ultimately what your clients are paying you for!

Data Driven Decisions

Working with your data will also help you make more informed decisions. Data driven decisions will help you drive efficiencies within your sales and marketing function.

Your reporting suite should be able to tell you how each category on your job board is performing. For example, this could allow you to target employers based on their being an abundance of jobseekers in a certain industry. If you know that this industry has a high number of applications/views per job at any given time, then your sales team should really be targeting employers within that sector.

You should also be able to identify what channels your jobseekers are coming from. What is the original source of your users? This information is gold dust. If you know where your jobseekers are coming from you can assess the performance of your marketing campaigns and optimize your marketing efforts to drive more jobseekers to your job board. 

Do you know how your job alert emails are performing? These are a major marketing channel for many job boards but are you keeping on top of them? How are they performing?

Are your application rates from jobs by email rising or falling?

This type of information can be an early indicator of a number of different influences. Could the decline in job alert email performance indicate that your candidates are not getting the right jobs? Do your jobs match the demand of your audience? Whatever the case maybe, being able to track the performance of job alert emails will help you ask the right questions about the root cause of your performance decline and give you the best chance of resolving the issue.

Take Control. Use your data.

We could continue to ask any number of rhetorical questions about performance, data, and insight. However, the point will remain the same; the closer you are to your data, the greater understanding.

If you’re an existing customer of Madgex, Insights and Insights Premium will help you achieve all of the above and much more. If you haven’t already, check out our webinar series on Insights and Insights Premium.

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