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March 28, 2018 The Job Board Jargon Buster Tim Burton, Customer Success Manager

The Job Board Jargon Buster

The online recruitment landscape can be complicated at the best of times. To make matters worse, there’s no end of acronyms and buzz words that can often spiral out of control. At times, it’s like a totally foreign language.

So, if you’re new to the job board industry or you’re an employer looking to get your head round the job board jargon, check out our jargon buster that will hopefully make life that little bit easier.

Aggregator – A job aggregator appears very similar to a job board. But, they operate in fundamentally different ways. An aggregator acts more like a search engine than an online advertising platform, the aggregator collects job postings from job boards around the internet and consolidates them into one site.

API – An API is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a Web-based software application… basically it describes one way to plug a website into another. 

APV – This is a standard job board benchmarking metric that measures the number of applications per vacancy. It is likely to vary quite significantly from job board to job board depending whether its niche or generalist.

ATS – An applicant tracking system (ATS) automates an organization’s recruitment operations. It helps the employer enter information about candidates, keep notes on them, submit them to jobs, schedule interviews and track placements. 

Backfill – The process of backfilling involves taking other job sources – usually an aggregator – to populate your own job board and give the impression that you have more jobs than perhaps you really do. Your job board can earn revenue each time someone clicks through on a backfilled job.

External application – This is when a jobseeker is sent directly to an employers site from the job board to make the application.

Generalist – Generalist job boards focus on a wide range of industries, sectors and locations. Generalist jobs board are likely to have thousands of job opportunities on offer any one time.

Job Alert – A job alert is an email notification sent to your inbox whenever a job matching your search criteria or preferences is available on a job board. Job boards send billions of these each year.

Job Matching – Job matching is the process of matching the right candidate to the right job. For a job board this is about making sure jobseekers can easily find the roles they are most likely to be interested in applying for.

Job Wrapping - Sometimes called job scraping or crawling - is the process of automatically pulling jobs from a company career center or ATS and uploading those jobs as individual job content, to a job board providing a fresh and relevant stream of jobs on a regular basis.

Niche – Niche job boards tend to specialize in one industry, sector or location. Niche boards are more suited to candidates that know exactly what their careers path looks like and are more likely to include a blog or content section offering advice and guidance on that specific industry.

Programmatic Job Advertising - Programmatic platforms allow employers to make buying decisions in a split second, based on a pre-established set of rules and real-time performance data. It allows employers to place job ad more strategically and spend budgets more effectively.

Pureplay – A pureplay job board is an organization that focuses on online recruitment as its main revenue driving activity.

Taxonomy – A job boards taxonomy can also be referred to as its categories. This just refers to the way in which your jobs are grouped together and therefore how your job board is organized.

Traffic – Website traffic refers to the number of users that visit a website. In job board world this is no different, it generally refers to the number of jobseekers that visit a job board. It’s usually measured in visits or sessions.

Upsell – An upsell is applicable across many industries. It’s the process of persuading your customers to buy an additional or more expensive product. In the world of job boards, an employer might pay more to have their logo included in the job portal. 

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