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October 17, 2013 The future of job boards: Responsive design Alastair Digby, Account Director

The future of job boards: Responsive design

At Madgex we often get asked about what the future holds for job board technology. Over the last few years mobile has been firmly at the top of the list of debate within the online recruitment community. The number of jobseekers using mobile devices is only set to grow so it’s vital that job boards address this issue to harness this audience effectively.

All jobs boards should have seen a steady increase in traffic from mobile and tablet devices, especially over the last 12 months. When we look at our own site,, you can clearly see from our analytics below the significant growth of mobile traffic over last three years. As you would expect there is always a healthy uplift after Christmas.

Last year tablet consumption doubled in the UK and this figure is set to grow further this year mainly due to the increase of new tablets entering the market. This was substantiated by a report in September by the Telegraph which shows that tablets will surpass PC sales by the end of 2013. This clearly illustrates that tablets will be one of the primary devices jobseekers will use to search and apply for jobs. This presents a challenge for job boards to be able to provide a solution which works across multiple devices with a coherent user experience.

So what’s next for mobile?

With more and more smartphone and tablets hitting the shelves and jobseekers moving between various devices in their job search we believe the answer is responsive design. We’ve already seen numerous digital publishing clients migrating their editorial sites to responsive design such as Haymarket’s Media Week.

There are numerous advantages for adopting a responsive design strategy for job boards. By implementing a responsive designed job board one site will work across any device from desktop to mobile. The site is built on a responsive grid system and will size accordingly depending on which device a jobseeker is using. This provides a far greater user experience than switching between a mobile and desktop site.

Responsive design eliminates the need for different versions of your site to be contained on different URL’s. This not only increases loading time but also visibility to search engines. Responsive sites also works in harmony with search engines as a tool to bind the search experiences together, as the site is contained on one URL Google is able to preserve link algorithms by evaluating your site as one entity. This in turn will give you improved analytics and reporting capabilities as all your tracking is on one site.

From a cost perspective once you have a responsive job board you will no longer have to spend money on separate mobile development. This can free up valuable time and resources to focus your efforts on one site as opposed to multiple devices. If you are using native apps you no longer have to worry about new updates to mobile operating systems.

It's time to act

Madgex believe in the importance of harnessing responsive design to enhance the user experience across all of our job boards. Our new responsive design job board launches in early 2014 and has been a major area of development over the last 12 months. If you haven’t already started to look at moving to a responsive design approach then now is the time.