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February 28, 2018 Optimizing Your Jobseeker Marketing Through Segmentation Megan Saker, Head of Marketing

Optimizing Your Jobseeker Marketing Through Segmentation

A successful job board is all about managing supply and demand. Whether you’re providing jobs, content or courses, your visitors come to you for the supply that satisfies their demand. The difficulty is that once a user has their demand satisfied, they will often disappear to their next destination.

If this happened in the physical world, it would be a disaster for some organizations. Superstores, for example, invest a significant amount in stimulating impulse purchases because it boosts their revenue. They do this by creating demand with their users. If those shoppers vanished as soon their original demand was satisfied, superstores would take a big hit.

The same principle is true for a job board. If you can extend a user’s session beyond their original demand, you will be able to ultimately increase your revenue. But, how do you go about achieving that?

One way to do this is to develop better informed marketing decisions through segmentation. This starts with thinking about your audience and defining the ‘perfect user’.  What do they look like? What do they do? What attributes do they have? Establishing the different brand interaction points is a good first step in the process.

For a pure-play job board this might be as simple as: 

Optimizing jobseeker marketing

Each attribute is given a weighting depending on how important it is to your overall strategy. The weightings total 100 per user. Depending on your site and strategic goals, these scores and goals would be different.

Once you have identified your perfect user, it is possible to map your existing user base against your ideal, and then give them a score based on how aligned they are to your strategic objectives or how ‘perfect’ they are.

Perfect user score

Creating this matrix of all users and a perfection score, or engagement metric, provides a useful tool to measure the success of marketing campaigns over time. The matrix doesn’t just allow you to measure success, it also can be used to inform your marketing messages.

For example, the messaging should be different for a jobseeker who has a profile but no job alert, compared to someone who has a job alert but no profile.

On average, personalized recruitment marketing has a 17% higher conversion rate than a one-size-fits-all template.

Job boards that adopt this personalized approach can expect to see improved conversion in their messaging, and often use it in conjunction with other segmentation around a user's interests or demographics.

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