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January 13, 2015 Increasing job board revenue: CV databases Stephanie Mills, Communications Manager

Increasing job board revenue: CV databases

For job boards to keep competitive in a growing online recruitment market, it is vital to adopt additional tools and platforms to increase revenue streams.

For recruiter’s CV databases can often be an over looked tactic when it comes to sourcing the perfect candidate. When it comes to recruitment many employers understand that they can use job boards for posting jobs, but are often oblivious to the fact that there is a complete database of active job seekers, ready for them to browse through.

CV databases have a range of benefits for recruiter’s; when used properly CV databases can widen a recruiter’s perspective and give them a broader idea of the skills and experiences available to fill their positions. It can serve to make the employment drive a more interactive experience, instead of a purely passive activity.

CV databases provide recruiters with more control over their recruitment process; they have instant access to a wealth of candidates that can be easily sourced with keyword searches. They are perfect for filling urgent positions or finding candidates discretely, when it is not possible to advertise a role. If used properly they can dramatically reduce the amount of time taken to recruit, providing a more cost effective solution.

How can Job boards improve CV database interaction?

The growing influence of Linked In is proving to employers the relevance and practicality of online CV’s, instating the effectiveness of active recruitment. CV databases provide a wealth of job seekers who have actively been job seeking, a tactic that Linked In can’t promise.

CV databases are the perfect opportunity for job boards to harness those recruiters who have become disillusioned with the properties of the Linked In platform. They have the ability to be a brilliant and effective source of revenue, which does not require much man power or maintenance.

It may seem simple, but the more candidates CV’s in your database, the more likely recruiters are to use them. Be proactive; offer jobseekers the chance to automatically upload their CV to the database after they have applied for a job on your site as well as advertising the option on your homepage.

Display how many CV’s are contained in your database on recruiter home pages, email marketing campaigns including most recent statistics can also often turn recruiter’s heads. Let them know how many new CV’s have been added that week and in which markets and industries.

Madgex CV databases are designed to provide the best experience for recruiter’s as possible. Recruiters can use the simple navigation system to search for relevant candidates based on a range of criteria. Once found, recruiters can select the candidate CV’s they wish to purchase and download at the click of a button.

With the international job market beginning to see a welcome surge, competition between job boards is beginning to heighten. Madgex are dedicated to helping their clients to explore every revenue generation possible and we see CV databases as a key component to this goal, as well as vital within the jobseeker and recruiter experience.