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December 19, 2017 How to Boost Job Board Conversions The 'Old Fashioned Way' Mike Fahey, Executive Vice President

How to Boost Job Board Conversions The 'Old Fashioned Way'

There are lots of technical, innovative and interesting solutions to try out on your site. Areas such as programmatic and targeting are all important. However, sometimes with all of the technology and clever ideas, it's the traditional approach to conversion boosting which is forgotten: Improve the job advertisement language. There’s an important difference between posting a job description and posting a job advertisement on your job board.

In the latter you are selling your role, your company and competing with numerous other positions.

Jobseekers evaluate your advert in three stages:

Stage 1 - Quick Judgement

This is the point where a jobseeker decides if they are going to engage and learn more around the job, commonly the conversion point between seeing a job within search results and viewing the full detail on a different page or on a job board. There are three important attributes of a job at this stage.

The three most important factors in this stage are:

• Job Title: This should be clear & concise

• Salary: Where possible a salary should be provided, but at the very least a bracket

• Location: It’s really important to provide a good location description, otherwise roles might get dismissed unfairly by the jobseeker

In addition to these three points, a good summary of the role Jobseekers can entice users to click through to the detail. Take time to craft a short more likely to apply if description which is not salary is included just the first 150 characters of the main job description and consider how nearly 50% of users will view this summary on a small screen device.

Adding an expiry date can instil a sense of urgency and increase conversions. Engagement with jobs increased by 3% by using the expiry date well within job search results. Finally, ensure your job is well classified against your site taxonomy. This will aid the job appearing within the correct results and thus reduce any drop-offs by unexpected attributes.

Stage 2 – Job Consideration

This stage will occur on the job detail page as you now have the jobseekers attention. In theory it should be an easier conversion point than Stage 1, but often a number of factors let down the job.

The most common mistake is the presentation of a job advert. For the best response, adverts must be easy to read and nicely laid out. Certain employers may take additional branding options to promote themselves and engage an audience, while others may rely on decent spacing and copy. Bold and italic text can be beneficial to the readability of an advert.

You should always:

• Avoid large blocks of words – keep it mobile friendly and remember candidates skim read initially.

• Use bullet points. These are often easier to read.

• Avoid pasting the entire job description and person specification, instead make use of the fact job adverts support attachments.

• Use the type of language that would speak to your perfect candidate, avoid a tone that would seem off-putting.

• Talk to the jobseeker, avoid the words ‘the candidate’ and use words like ‘you’. Using a bulleted list increased engagement with job adverts, leading to an uplift in applications by an average of 2%.

Stage 3 – The Application

Once you’ve got a jobseeker interested and communicated the benefits of the role, the next stage is getting them to apply. This is easier on some devices than others but if we remain device agnoistic the following rules should apply:

• If the job is external redirect, don’t send the user to a generic careers page. It’s amazing how common this is and it’ll cause a large drop-off rate

• If the job is internal, only ask questions that are useful for the jobseeker

• Don’t include emails or phone numbers within the job description as you’ll lose data

Improving Response

Job boards that provide the best response often have dedicated people aligned to ensuring the quality of the advert descriptions are high, produce guides for employers on how to write the best copy, and work so that every aspect of the job is mobile friendly.

Regardless of how much you invest into newer technologies such as programmatic or personalization, if your adverts are poorly written you’ll still be losing potential candidates.

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