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October 11, 2017 Google for Jobs: Understanding the Impact Mike Fahey, Executive Vice President

Google for Jobs: Understanding the Impact

You’ll remember that back in June, Google launched its brand-new job listing search experience in the US – Google for Jobs. You may have downloaded our exclusive guide which explained what Google for Jobs is and how job boards could take advantage. This new search experience displays jobs, from many sources within a single Google search, and keeps the jobseeker within the Google experience right up until they choose to click apply.

Many have predicted that Google’s entry into the online recruitment industry has the potential to put a significant dent in the growth of large-scale aggregators, such as Indeed, while also threatening smaller job boards by crawling and indexing numerous direct corporate sites.

Three months down the line the long-term implications are still being debated, but we can begin to shed some light on the impact so far.

Here at Madgex, we worked with Google to test this initiative prior to launch, and this has meant that our job boards have been able to integrate from day one. This puts us in a unique position, where we can examine the traffic analytics being Google-integrated job boards to understand the true impact and bring some clarity to the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ debate. 

Download Google for Jobs: Understanding the Impact for our full analysis. 

We looked at the impact of Google for Jobs by analyzing two samples of job boards, the first were job boards that had been challenged by the growth of aggregators and had seen a fall in organic traffic in the last 12 months. The second batch consisted of job boards that were seeing a growth in organic traffic and had been performing well in their niche searches prior to Google for Jobs.

The boards that had seen a decline in organic traffic in the last 12 months saw a significant improvement. In 77% of cases the integration with Google for Jobs reversed the downward trend and began, year-on-year, seeing an increase in traffic from search. Good news.

The boards that had been performing well in their niche searches also had reason to celebrate. These job boards are now picking up more traffic from terms that they would previously not have ranked for – broad terms such as ‘Jobs near me’ – usually the firm domain of the large-scale aggregators.

An uplift in traffic is fantastic news for job boards but traffic that lands directly on a single job posting is the least engaged with your brand and often will head off to another site, especially if you use a lot of third party redirect jobs. Some boards that are benefiting from the uplift in traffic are seeing a decline in average session time.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to mitigate a decline in average session time. Capturing data from the increased traffic will allow you to grow your audience, and build relationships with new jobseekers.

Download the full report for more detail and actionable advice on how to mitigate against this decline in session time. 

Whether the uplift we are seeing is short term or long term will largely depend on Google’s strategy around going to direct employers. It is certainly the case that more direct employers are starting to appear within their search, and their Hire ATS launch would suggest this is only going to increase. We’ll keep you updated as time progresses to determine the positives and negatives to Google’s role within online recruitment. Download the full report to read more of our analysis, understand the detail and learn what action you should take.

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