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July 17, 2018 Google Partners Once Again with Madgex as Google for Jobs Arrives in the UK Megan Saker, Head of Marketing

Google Partners Once Again with Madgex as Google for Jobs Arrives in the UK

After a good few months of speculation, trials and tests, Google for Jobs has finally arrived in the UK. This is significant news for those of us operating in the online recruitment world and something everyone has been talking about for some time.

Jobseekers in the UK starting their journey with Google will now be presented with a new search experience, designed to reduce the difficulty in finding relevant jobs. 

Users will be able to explore appropriate jobs, from a range of different sources, within a single Google search. They will remain within the Google experience right up until they choose to apply. 

This search feature has been live in the US for almost a year and Madgex partnered with Google to test and optimize the experience prior to launch. Since then we’ve been monitoring its impact on job boards closely and have undertaken thorough analysis.

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Google for Jobs Search Experience Screenshot

Madgex-Google Partnership

Thanks to our partnership with Google in the US, and our continued work on the UK launch, we have ensured our market-leading job board software is fully integrated and ready to go.

Madgex-powered job boards in the UK will be able to take advantage from today – day one.

As Madgex CEO Dan Meadows says: 

“We power some of the world’s leading brands in online recruitment, which led to Google approaching us to work on this new feature in the US last year. Now that they’re ready to roll out in the UK we were more than happy to work together again and help optimize the experience prior to launch.”

“Ensuring Madgex-powered job boards are integrated with this new Google feature is part of our drive to provide our clients with the best functionality and ensure our job boards lead the way in recruitment technology.”

We’ve written a lot on the practicalities and impact of Google for Jobs in the US. Now that Google for Jobs has arrived in another major recruitment market, we’ve created a new guide Google for Jobs: Everything You Need to Know to help you get to know Google for Jobs and what it might mean for job boards.

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