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September 15, 2020 Best Job Board Software for Associations Richard Green - Director of Business Development

Best Job Board Software for Associations

Right now, many professional associations are faced with the challenge of fueling member engagement and growth amidst a global pandemic, an economic slump, and a volatile job market. As COVID-19 continues to plague society, the economy and job market struggles along.   

With the economic slump showing no signs of letting up in the short-term, many associations are leveraging their career center to provide a highly relevant, valuable resource for their professional audience. However, navigating the market for the best job board software for associations can get a bit convoluted if you don’t know what your career center should be offering.  

Madgex is the global leader in career center solutions for associations. Through our work with over 500 global brands and armed with one of the world’s largest volumes of recruitment data of any job board provider, we have the data to show the significant impact a robust career center can have on KPI’s.  

Fueling Growth with Advanced Job Board Software for Associations 

 A currently volatile job market has left many younger professionals who are about to enter the workforce struggling to find internships, job opportunities, networking opportunities, and more.  

Job postings for entry-level positions that are popular with new college graduates fell by 73% since the pandemic hit, according to ZipRecruiter

The value and relevance career support and development has right now is far greater than it’s ever been. Consider that Wiley’s 6th Society Member Survey found that the top three main reasons professionals consider joining an association are: 

  • Content 
  • Career development 
  • Community engagement 

However, career development has now become the number one reason professionals would join an association, and that should come as no surprise with everything happening with the economy right now.  

With career development becoming more important than ever, your organization should have a powerful resource that can not only provide your audience with relevant job opportunities, but also provides a variety of career development tools. That resource is an advanced career center. 

The Best Job Board Software for Associations 

Advanced job board software for associations provides a centralized career development hub through a suite of solutions. A true career center platform includes careers advice content, virtual career fairs, skills assessment, employer branding, and so much more. This allows your association to provide value for members even when they're not actively looking for a job - growing member engagement and non-dues revenue in the process.  

Real World Stats — Member Engagement  

Case Study — Science Careers (AAAS) 

Science Careers is the job board produced by Science Careers and AAAS which matches qualified scientists with jobs all around the world. Dedicated to serving scientists worldwide, the long-standing job board needed to boost its recruitment revenues and increase its traffic in order to generate increased profits for the association.  

Making the Switch to Madgex 

Moving to the Madgex platform gave Science Careers all the tools they needed to grow their business by evolving from a linear job board to an advanced career center. They were quick to utilize the extensive range of upsells to create attractive packages for employers which boosted their recruitment revenue. 

With Madgex’s built-in SEO tools, Science Careers was able to optimize every element of their career center and capitalize on its sophisticated functionality. In order to increase job seeker and employer conversion rates, Science Careers also developed targeted marketing campaigns using data reports from the Job Board Insight Tool. 

The Results 

With a strong focus on increasing their site’s visibility and traffic, Science Careers was able to boost its organic search traffic by over 174%.  

Their targeted email campaigns also began to drive up website visits, with Jobs by Email (JBE) traffic rocketing up by 80%.  

Their campaigns have proven to be on the mark, with JBE applications increasing by almost 50%. 

With a larger audience share (31% increase) and a wide range of revenue-generating packages available to employers, Science Careers has seen substantial growth in their profit margins.   

Increasing engagement with your members and wider audience is paramount to fueling growth during these challenging times. A Madgex Career Center provides a comprehensive suite of tools and world-class UX that will increase traffic, engagement, and conversions.  

Real World Stats — Non-Dues Revenue    

As mentioned in the above case study, if member engagement increases on your career center so does revenue. That’s why the number one indicator of a successful career center is revenue. It directly reflects the amount of engagement your career center has with your community.  

If employers and recruiters are paying to advertise on your career center, it means that your careers site is providing access to an engaged, highly talented group of professionals that they can’t find elsewhere. 

As much as providing a world-class user experience matters for your members, it’s of equal importance to attract employers. That’s why we provide a robust suite of sales tools, upsells, and unique recruitment solutions.  

The results speak for themselves. 

Navigating the current economic climate creates unique challenges that require unique solutions. We leverage our vast data pool to research and produce some of the most innovative revenue solutions in the industry. Our constant data analysis also guides us to invest in new technologies that provide a world-class user experience for job seekers and employers alike.  

Final Thoughts 

The reality is we are currently living in a new normal. There are 2.9 million professionals currently unemployed across numerous industries in the US alone, and more are likely to come over the next few months.  

Providing a world-class user experience on your career center is paramount to fueling growth going forward. Your association’s careers site needs to go beyond the basic features of the average job board and evolve into a centralized resource for everything related to career development.  

As you’ve learned, the impact advanced job board software for associations can have on member engagement and non-dues revenue is significant.  

If you’re interested in learning about the complete suite of features your career center could and should be offering, get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to expand on how your association can be a leading resource for your industry during these challenging times.